100 years among textures and colours

From mail to the web, from tight to leggings, from the square to globalization, a long journey that has seen us changed and remained the same as well.


“FASHION IS EVERYWHERE” has always been our motto. Research means not only understanding where fashion goes but also finding original and innovative sources of inspiration, without losing sight of tradition. Much of our budget and energy is dedicated to this activity

Dynamic collections

The result of the continuous research is expressed in: “open and dynamic” fabric collections, being flexible and always up to date. Stimulating the client every day is our goal. The collections are always on the “street” with our agents, in order to meet the needs of operators, to keep them informed about the latest news and listen to their tendencies.

Quality control

Attention to quality through checks at all stages helps avoid the waste of resources
and time. A specific department was created for this purpose.


The location in a strategic area, a leading logistics hub in Europe, allows us to act as a real textile HUB – efficiency and effectiveness in distribution for safe and fast deliveries.

Our history

100 years among textures and colours

1920 The beginning of our group

According to the stories handed down, the idea of starting a textile activity arose from the desire to leave behind the war, through the exaltation of beauty, elegance and therefore of the person. The Ditta Imparato was founded.

1950 The Second World War

Despite the Second World War the company kept on growing.

1986 New investments

The commercial activity began increasingly developing into a distribution one and the company decided to follow its vocation, leaving the market area of the city and investing in a new structure of 2000 square meters, in the very modern CIS of Nola (of which they are founding members). The GTI Gruppo Tessile Imparato S.P.A. was founded.

1995 Import/Export

Following the globalization of the textile world, the GTI expanded its network of relationships becoming a full-fledged IMPORT / EXPORT operator.

2000 Extension of surface area

The growth required space and expansion works increased the area to 3,000 sq.m.

2007 The Interporto Campano

The market and its needs were constantly changing. In order to optimize and exploit the logistic dynamics - strategic lever of growth - the total operating area was expanded to approximately 8.000 sq.m by opening a second office of 4.500 sq.m at the Interporto Campano.

2010 Sustainability

In partnership with ENEL and CIS, solar panels were installed on the roof of the buildings for renewable energy production.

2016 Equity

Gender equity and equality are the challenges we are committed to. By now, women represent almost half of GTI’s employees

2020 100 years of history

We set out for a new adventure, a new logo and a new visual identity that shows what we have become

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